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«STIGMI» was founded o­n the 26th of September 1995, by: Actresses Zaharoula Ikonomou and Maria Tsima, composer Sotiris Debonos, and actor and director Yannis Anastasakis.
The organization’s objective is the creation of theatrical performances of new plays, presented for the first time in Greece, the theme and plot of which have an immediate impact o­n the public.
The company made its first appearance during the spring of 1996.

Last update: 2017
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Performances will take place again during the Theatrical Season 2007-2008....

PLANNING for Theatrical Season 2006-2007
 For the theatrical season 2006-2007, we are planning the presentation of Sergi Belbel’s and Jo...

STIGMI in ISPA’s CONFERENCE (New York, January 17-19, 2006)
The Hellenic Culture Organization SA called us, to send our promo and info material in order to have...